Who named the towns in the USA?

The USA is certainly a big country! Place names in the USA may appear to lack much of the ancient history which enriches the name of even the smallest village on “the other side of the pond”, but they are perhaps equally as diverse.

Many areas of the USA have English names given by the early settlers and explorers. The original 13 Eastern states were, in fact, British Colonies – New England. Other places have names of Spanish origin as a consequence of early Spanish and later Mexican settlers. Many of these names relate to the natural history of the areas. For example, Alamos (New Mexico) derives its name from the Alamo tree and Colarado is named after the red mud of the river bed. In San Francisco Bay, the simultaneously infamous and popular Island of Alcatraz was named after the large colonies of pelicans (alcatraces) that originally lived there.

USA is a relatively young country and there is a plethora of places with names radiating a novel, feel-good side to them. In Kentucky, you can find Smileyberg and Connecticutt offers us Happyland!

The Big Rock Candy Mountains in Vermont may be famous from musical lyrics, but represent just one of many places with a food related name e.g. Hot Coffee and Good Food are both towns found in Mississippi. Some of the names really are thought provoking. Who named a Texan town Looneyville……..and why?